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Best Halloween Tutorials

Halloween is just around the corner and although it isn't widely celebrated in Australia, it is still fun to dress up for any parties or events that are on for Halloween. We have rounded up some of the best Halloween Makeup tutorials for this years Halloween!


 Chrisspy's Gangster Clown 

Chrisspy's Youtube channel is fabulous Halloween inspiration! She has many different Halloween tutorials. With all the crazy clowns around this year, why not look like a cool gangster clown instead of a creepy one!


Desi's Melting Skull 

How amazing is this look! Half glam, half skull with melting flesh! Creep out your friends with this look! Desi also has a fabulous Melting Icecream Halloween Tutorial which you should also check out!

PS. You can easily make the 3d gel yourself at home, just mix equal parts of Gelatine, water and Glycerine together, microwave for 10 seconds. Add a drop of your foundation to make skin colour or add red food colouring for blood (allow to cool slightly before applying to skin, as it is hot! Always test a small amount on the inside of your wrist to check temperature).


 Nicole's Candy Killer

Lolly lovers, this one is for you!! You don't necessarily have to do the spooky makeup around the outside of the face, you can just keep it sugary sweet with the pretty pastels and the sprinkles!


 Lustrelux's Killer Choker

Chokers are so on trend right now, gore it up with this tutorial! Perfect if you still want your face to slay with just a touch of blood & gore!


 Glam & Gore's Hooked Little Mermaid

If you ever wanted some Disney Princess Halloween inspo, this Youtube channel is for you! Pretty much every Disney Princess Halloweenified!! (yes, I made up that word)


 The Makeup Chair's Deer Look

The Deer Snapchat filter brought to life! Look like the filter with this simple tutorial.


Let us know what your favourite Halloween Tutorials are in the comments!

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