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The Trend That Won't End

2017 was filled with Brow Trends, we saw feather brows, braided brows, brows with christmas decorations on them, wavy brows, the list just goes on and on!! 

Heading into 2018, we thought we had seen the end of them, but..... they are back!


It started with fishtail brows.......


A post shared by @hayley_bui on


Then it quickly escalated to halo brows......



Then just after posting a poll on our Facebook page to find out how our followers feel about these brow trends, we wake up to..... Stiletto Brows!


A post shared by SkyzEditz (@skyzeditz) on

We thought we could leave these crazy brows in 2017 , but we fear we will continue to see more crazy brows popping up through out the year. 

How do you feel about them? Do you love all the craziness or do you just want to go back to brows looking like regular brows?

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