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Skincare Series: Skin Type VS Skin Condition/Concern

Skin Type & Skin Concern get used interchangeably in the skincare industry, however they are actually two different things. Do you know the difference?



Skin Type

Is determined by your genetics. You will have the same skin type from birth, however you usually won't determine your skin type until around puberty. Your skin type will mostly stay the same for your entire lifetime, there may be some slight changes, but mostly it will stay the same and skincare cannot change your skin type, it can only help to manage it. 

Skin type is the most important thing when selecting skincare products. If you aren't using the correct products for your skin type you can cause more skin concerns. 

There are 4 skin types and you will fall into one of the categories.

DRY: characterised as having very little (or no) oil production, can appear dull, ages prematurely, feels tight and rough and can look thin and flaky. Dry skin is the skin type most prone to sensitivity (a condition).

NORMAL: characterised as being well balanced, good skin texture and fine pores

COMBINATION: characterised as higher oil production in the t-zone (centre of the face) area, with more enlarged pores and breakouts in that area, but with drier cheek area with very little problems. Combination is the most common skin type.

OILY: characterised as having higher than normal oil (sebum) production over the face, enlarged pores, skin appears thicker and shiny and has enlarged pores. Skin type most prone to acne (condition). 

Fun fact about oily skin tho, people with oily skin tend to age better, due to the oil keeping the skin protected. So it's not all bad! 


Skin Condition/Concerns

Are caused by internal or external factors, such as lifestyle, diet, environment, medication, etc. You can have multiple skin concerns at the one time, they can also change overtime and are treatable with skincare. 

These conditions are what you want your skincare to treat and correct.

When choosing skincare you want to look for products that include ingredients that treat your skin concerns, but are suitable for your skin type. 

There are many different skin conditions/concerns, acne, dehydration, ageing, rosacea, eczema, sensitivity, etc.



Sensitivity a lot of the time tends to be referred to as a skin type (it's not) due to how you have to work with it. Sensitivity is the only skin concern that needs to be considered first. You still need to buy skincare that suits your skin type, however if you suffer from sensitivity, that needs to be your first thought when selecting skincare and you should only buy products that are suitable for sensitive skin. 

Sensitivity can be made worse (or caused) by using incorrect skincare, hence why it is so important to take care of the sensitivity first, before any other condition.


I hope this has been helpful.



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