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  • Treat yourself with a luxurious bath using the Lux Aestiva Boheme Crystals. This set of 3 makes the perfect gift or a great addition to any bathroom. The trio includes 3 different mixes of bath crystals:

    Elysian - made with pink himalayan rock salt, which contains 84 minerals and elements. It helps to balance your skins PH level, remove toxins, reduce inflammation and improves sleep quality. Also containing Hibiscus Flower Powder, which naturally contains AHA's to firm and improve skins moisture.

    Celestial - made using salt of the dead sea, which contains 21 minerals, and bentonite clay. Helps to remove toxins, heavy metals and chemicals. Bentonite Clay has a strong negative charge, which acts like a magnet for the skin, drawing out impurities. Also great for sufferers of psoriasis and eczema.

    Ethereal - made using magnesium chloride flakes to aid in wound healing and inflammation.


    How To Use: use each vial alone, or mix them together. Shower as normal first, fill the tub with 3 inches of hot water, dissolve the crystals (not all crystals may dissolve), continue to fill the tub, soak & relax for 20 minutes. When finished, do not rinse, pat skin dry and apply Gypsy Oil to finish.


  • celestial: dead sea salt, epsom salt, bentonite clay, vanilla oil, elysian: pink himalayan salt, epsom salt, hibiscus flower powder, pomegranate seed oil, ethereal: epsom salt.

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